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Master the Art of Storing Leftover Meats with These Expert Tips

🔐 Ever wondered how to keep your leftover meats fresh and delicious? We have the answers you need! 🥩 From cold storage to vacuum sealing, our experts reveal the tips and tricks for maintaining quality products. Find out the ideal temperatures for refrigerated storage and the secret method that can make your meat last for years without refrigeration. Don't miss out on these invaluable storage techniques that will revolutionize your meat storage game!

Q: How to store meat to maintain freshness and maintain quality products?

A: Cold storage is key! Pathogenic bacteria struggle to grow in temperatures under 3 °C (38 °F), so refrigerated storage is the most popular preservation method. Discover the typical storage life for fresh meats and the best practices for maintaining their freshness.

Q: How do you store meat for a long time without refrigeration?

A: Get ready for the ultimate preservation method! Raw packing involves cubing and salting the meat before vacuum sealing it in a canning jar. Stored in a cool place, this method can keep your meat fresh for years. Find out more about this incredible technique and its processing time.

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